jessica + photoshoots
(countdown to jessica jung’s birthday - day 02)

happy 26th birthday jessica jung ♡ #iceprincessday

"Happy birthday princess! You’re pretty, funny, gorgeous, adorable, cute, sexy, and so much more to describe how absolutely talented and perfection you are. You being called rude, mean and people misunderstood you and judge you. The fact that you like honesty is a better way than being a fake person. You’re kind, strong, gentle and also loveable to your fellow members and dongsaengs and I will always and forever love you for being you♥."

Happy birthday,princess Mao Mao*:・゚✧

Happy birthday Ice Princess - Jessica ♡ 

Happy Birthday Jung Soo Yeon aka Ice princess, sleepy beauty, maomao, lazy sica, SNSD’s Jessica

"Never run no matter how late you are"


"My specialty is spacing out. 멍~"

you shine brighter then the stars.