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"This indestructible unbreakable bonds that can never be broken. Our soul is a twin soul.For example, Even if it looks like you’re about to fall from a cliff,At least know that I won’t let go of your hand.Indestructible…
Because I will protect you until the end."

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"In life, it is a once in a lifetime achievement to be able to graduate from college; it really is an honor. I attended school for 4 years and to be already graduating now is unbelievable. Since I’ve really become a part of the society, it’s an important responsibility. I want to show a good image as a fantastic artist, actor, also as a singer and to make my alma mater shine more." —Seohyun

I like singing the most, and there isn’t anything I’m just as good at.

24/ 309 of Kim Taeyeon

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